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Vitality Wellness day, Blood Drive Fitness classes & joining special at Northriding Gym.

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Gym Member, Female, Gym, Jackal Creek Gym Logo,
Gym Member, Female, Gym, Jackal Creek Gym Logo,

The month our monthly Fitness Newsletter is packed with exciting news for the month of April. Jackal Creek Gym is hosting a Vitality Wellness day and Blood Drive Events. We also have the biggest special of the year. Join now and get April Free.

Join this month & get April Free

Sign up online in 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Vitality Day & Blood drive

On the 6th April you can earn up to 27500 Discovery Vitality points and/or save a life by donating blood

Where: Jackal Creek Gym, Jackal Creek Clubhouse, Boundary Road, Northriding

Date: 6 April

Time: 8 - 2pm


Fitness classes

Not motivated? Are you bored of training alone?

Why not join our fitness classes.

Jackal Creek Gym launched our new fitness classes last month namely Cardio Therapy, Yoga and Bootcamp. The vibe and support form the Jackal Creek and Northriding community has been fantastic.

Cardio Therapy is an aerobics based class with a pure South African twist. The class follows the beat of Gqom music. Which gives a true authentic vibe that is on fire. This is a fitness class like now other based right here in Northriding.

Our Yoga class not only going to benefit you by getting you de-stressed relax and feel rejuvenated but you will also break a sweat, tone your muscles, body balanced and improve your energy. Our instructor is one of a kind filled with energy, passion and will defiantly inspire you.

Bootcamp - Find your power. This is a highly motivational group Bootcamp that will get your blood rushing. Have ever see the Crossfit games? Well our Bootcamp really gives you that vibe. Jackal Creek has a fantastic setting for our type of Bootcamp. This is a highly motivated group of people training together.

Jackal Creek Gym

Jackal Creek

Boundary Road





Jackal Creek Gym is Managed by In-Reach Gym Management team. If you would like us to manage or arrange Wellness Days at Corporate Gym or Estate Gym make sure to contact us

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