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Your 30 Min Holiday Body HITT Workout

No Time – No Problem…

The holidays are just around the corner and yes you want to feel confident going to the beach, going hiking or any event just feeling comfortable in that Christmas/Year-End dinner outift. We here at Jackal Creek Gym are going to show you how to build your holiday body, and do one better… how do to it in 30 mins or less each day.

We understand how busy and hectic life can get, that is why you should be following a workout plan that gives you the best bang for your buck, or time. This plan is high-intensity interval training, or HIIT.

Jumping for HIIT workout
HIIT workout for summer holiday

What is HIIT and how it works

HIIT is a workout plan that consists of short 30-60s intervals followed by 60-120s intervals of rest. This may not seem like much, but the magic happens with the intensity. You see in the 30-60s you are working you are pushing a 110%. If you are doing this, you will unlock the keys to HIIT and will only be able to last 20-30 minutes; but that is all you will need.

Fitness Intervals

Performing intervals at maximal effort requires the body to use every source of energy it can find. Our primary and preferred form of energy is glucose (sugar) which can be stored in the muscles, but only a limited amount is stored here and HIIT uses that up pretty quickly. When glucose runs out, the body turns to using fat as fuel. This boosts metabolism, speeds up fat burning, maximizes fat loss, and feeds the muscles for muscle retention and growth. All within 30 minutes.

Burn with High Intensity

 The higher the intensity the more energy your body needs, and the more fat it will burn. In addition to this, the energy needed by the body to finish a HIIT workout is so great that the body has to keep metabolism rates higher for longer post-workout to make up for what was lost. So not only are you burning more during the workout, you will also burn more for longer post workout.

Your hot body is just around the corner.

Building your own HIIT workout

To set up your own HIIT workout at Jackal Creek gym choose 3-5 lightweight movements you feel comfortable performing at a quick pace. This can range from sits ups, to air squats, running, burpees, push ups, or whatever else you prefer; just make sure you are hitting upper body, lower body and core for a full body workout.

When the clock starts chose one movement and perform as many repetitions as you possibly can in 30s. Take a 60s rest, then move to the next movement. Cycle through each until you’ve completed all movements 4 times. Tomorrow do it again with a few new movements. As your body adapts to the intensity, dial up the time. Try a 45s or 60s work interval, but make sure to keep intensity high because this is where all the benefit lies.

Whoever said you can’t be ready in time for December holidays is foolish. You can earn yours today in as little as 30 minutes with high-intensity interval training; Christmas dinner will never have felt so good.

Don't feel motivated? Join one of our fitness classes

Jackal Creek Gym provides a range of fitness classes that is designed to get you in shape fast. Try out ether Cardio Therapy Aerobics Class or event our BoxFit Classes base at our Gym in Northriding. As these are already based on the HITT workout methodology which makes it easy for you to just pitch up and we will make sure you tone down fast.

Fast Track this workout with your diet

Diet is key to losing fat and toning your body fast. Leverage your hard work by following out Intermittent Fasting Complete guide for fast results

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Corne Van Zyl Owner of In-Reach Lifestyle MD at Jackal Creek & Steyn City Gym Corne is a Fitness and Running Coach a  Ultra Runner and Adventure Racer. Find Corne on Facebook or Strava

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